Foil winding machines and rewinding machines

Diamat Maschinenbau delivers the perfect foil winding machines for all kinds of plastics, whether stand-alone or integrated with our extrusion machines. For efficient transport and problem-free further processing of the raw material, a perfect slitting, winding or rewinding of the material is essential. It does not matter if you need plastic winder machines for ultra-thin flat film, for sturdy plastic sheets and plates or for special products like stretch film and shrink wrap: Diamat has technology made in Germany that will solve your problems.

Detailed view of a stretch film rewinding machine.fu Detailed view of a stretch film rewinding machine.

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Turret winder

Turret winder

With our turret winder, roll diameters of up to 1200mm are possible.

From single or multi-lane production to automatic removal with pallet deposit and reloading of the winding shaft, there is no limit to the technical equipment of this plastic winding machine. Changing the rolls becomes a simple matter.

Jumbo winder

Jumbo winder

For customers looking for large roll production, we have our jumbo winder available in our portfolio of foil winding machines.

Thanks to the intelligent Diamat friction control, multi-lane production on one station up to a winding diameter of 2000mm is possible without any problems.

Standard winder

Standard winder

Our standard winder is a simple, solid and cost-effective variant.

Thanks to the intelligent friction control of Diamat plastic winding machines, multi-lane production on one station up to a winding diameter of 1200mm is also possible here without any problems.

Our intelligent extrusion lines manage the foil winding process fully automatic and with high precision according to the requirements of the current production. We have taken the challenges of the different material compositions into account. Therefore, we always have a suitable winding system for your requirements in our product range. Let us assist you with individual advice now. With our many years of experience and development, we have managed to offer a standard package with maximum flexibility. Whether you need edge trim and/or centre cut, we can provide winding machines with the flexible solutions you need. With our torque-controlled drives, every roll is perfectly winded with a line speed of up to 100m/min.



Whether sheet tension measurement or intelligent torque control, consistent sheet tension is the key for a perfectly wound roll. It is always amazing how perfectly each roll is wound. Everything is possible with a Diamat foil winding machine.

Producing, winding, cutting – everything from Diamat. Our individual plastic winder machines know no limits. Contact our sales department for more details.

Plastic winding machine with a coil of stretch foil.

Extrudable plastics

Our plastic extruder machines can mix components to the gram and melt them at exactly the right temperature.

Therefore our plastic extruders are able to extrude a large variety of plastics including:

  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polyethylene (PE, also known as polyethene or polymethylene)
  • high-density polyethylene (PE-HD)
  • polyurethane (PU or PUR)
  • thermoplastic polyurethane (TUR)
  • polystyrene (PS)
  • acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)

and various polyesters like polyethylene terephthalate (PET – including recycled flakes) or amorphous PET (A-PET).

Other components from diamat

Various plastic pellets and bottle flakes from white big bags are conveyed into an extruder.

Material handling

We supply the complete equipment for the best possible flexibility of mixing different materials. Read More

plastic dryer (or plastic resin dryer) with big bags containing pellets or PET-flakes used for (re-) crystallization of PET.

Crystallization and drying

The perfectly premixed and bulk density optimised material is conveyed to the crystallisation via a screw conveyor. Read More

Single screw plastics extrusion machine for co-extrusion of cast films built by diamat.

Plastic extruders

We count on the single-screw extrusion technology. With our long-developed and unique feed zone, up to 100% recycled plastic can be processed. Read More

4 plastic calendar-rollers for PVC-calendering (diamat calendering-process for plastic)

Calendering and polishing

Our smoothing- amd calendering-units are characterised by a solid/robust construction. With a simple pneumatic gap adjustment, film thicknesses from 100µm to 2500µm are no problem as standard. Read More

Extrusion coating lamination machine including a rubber roller for pressure and a metal roller for cooling and smoothing.

Extrusion lamination

Also in the lamination sector, Diamat can supply you with proven and reliable solutions. Read More

Extrusion coating machine by diamat for PET- and PE-coating.

Extrusion coating machines

Especially in the PET sector, the films are often coated with diverse liquids. We at Diamat have made our goal to ensure optimal application behaviour. Read More

Diamat plastic slitting machine as part of a slitter and longitudinal cutting line cuts thin plastic foil (PET) into 3 separate lanes.

Cutting unit

Diamat is convincing with an excellent concept and is well known for long service lives. The solid and simple construction results in a machine which is resistant to malfunctions and 24/7 production is no longer a problem. Read More

Foil winding machine at the end of a plastic sheet production line.

Winding machines

Diamat Maschinenbau delivers the perfect plastic winding machines, whether stand-alone or integrated. Read More


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