Flat film production with cast film extrusion machines by diamat.

Based on our many decades of experience, we supply cast film extrusion systems of highest quality.
Each line is designed according to individual requirements. Our solutions can cover the whole flat film extrusion process or single machines can be retrofitted into existing production lines.

Many years of experience in cast film extrusion

Due to our many years of experience in construction of extrusion plants, we only build systems of enormously high efficiency. Our portfolio also offers equipment for producing filled, foamed or even technically highly sophisticated films. You need co-extrusion, lamination, coating? No problem for us! Our knowledge goes far beyond the standard.

With Diamat you will always find the right solution to produce your desired flat film.

Single screw plastics extrusion machine for co-extrusion of cast films built by diamat.fu Single screw plastics extrusion machine for co-extrusion of cast films built by diamat.

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Extruder range

Extruder range

We always have a suitable extruder due to our big range of different extruders.

This means that we can guarantee that every plastic is melted perfectly. Of course we also offer a wide variety of flat film dies.

For further details please check components “extrusion

Smoothing unit

Smoothing unit

In order to be able to produce a perfect film, we have the right smoothing unit for every requirement.

  • Vertical
  • 30° inclined
  • horizontal

For further details please check components “calendering and polishing



For a quick and easy reel change, we have the right winding system for you. With or without foil accumulator, the size depends on the line speed and the winding device.

3 different systems:

  • Jumbowinder up to Ø 2000
  • Standardwinder up to Ø1200
  • Automatic turret winder up to Ø1200

For further details please check components “winding device

System control

System control

Our operator interface for cast film extrusion machines, which was developed together with the users and constantly refined, guarantees a user-friendly, practice-oriented and easy control of the system.

More about extrusion control systems

We guarantee Made in Germany


Equipment for our cast film extrusion machines is largely manufactured in-house. For additional equipment, we only use selected German suppliers with many years of experience. We install the control systems ourselves. The entire development of the machine as well as the software come from our own house. Everything from one source, your key to success.

coloured plastic pellets that can be used in a plastic sheet extrusion machine.

Extrudable plastics

Our plastic extruder machines can mix components to the gram and melt them at exactly the right temperature.

Therefore our plastic extruders are able to extrude a large variety of plastics including:

  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polyethylene (PE, also known as polyethene or polymethylene)
  • high-density polyethylene (PE-HD)
  • polyurethane (PU or PUR)
  • thermoplastic polyurethane (TUR)
  • polystyrene (PS)
  • acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)

and various polyesters like polyethylene terephthalate (PET – including recycled flakes) or amorphous PET (A-PET).

More technologies from diamat

Extruder line with two displays of the extrusion control system by diamat.

Extrusion control systems

In 2021, we have revised our operator control interfaces and modernized them to the latest HTML5 technology. Read More

Flat film extrusion process: Calendering unit with plastic foil in a cast film extrusion machine /Flachfolienextrusion

Cast film extrusion

Due to our many years of experience in construction of extrusion plants, we only build systems of enormously high efficiency. Read More

Plastic sheet extruder machine built by diamat for plate extrusion.

Plastic sheet extrusion machines

Plastic sheet extruders by diamat Plastic sheets and plates made from the raw materials PET/ PP/ PS / ABS / PE and others. Specific colour blends and customised cuts round off our plastic sheet extrusion portfolio. Read More

PET-flakes from plastic bottle recycling used in a pet recycling machine.

Plastic and PET recycling machines

Diamat Maschinenbau is a world market leader in PET recycling machines. With our PET recycling machines highly transparent, super-clean films and sheets can be produced from 100% PET recycled material. Read More

Super-Clean FDA- certified

Food approved extrusion Our Superclean degassing technology can be integrated into all diamat extrusion lines and ensures that the materials can be manufactured in a food grade quality. Read More


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