Single-screw extruder „Standard Line“ with Co-extrusion

We count on the single-screw extrusion technology.
With our long-developed and unique feed zone, up to 100% recycled plastic can be processed. The specially designed screws, which are calculated down to the smallest detail, guarantee fast and, above all, gentle melting of the material.

This guarantees a high quality of the melt.

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In our large extruder range we always have the suitable extruder for your applications up to an output of 2000kg/h.

Filter technology

Filter technology

Whether a simple Diamat inline screen changer or a special backflush filter from other well-known suppliers, your system will be equipped with the optimum filter technology for your application.

Gear pumps

Gear pumps

The gear pumps developed and built by Diamat have been providing a constant and pulsation-free melt flow for over 45 years.

Flexible design

Flexible design

The flexible design of our lines allows the use of several extruders at the same time. From monofilm to 9-layer films, everything is possible.

Extrusion die

Extrusion die

We also have many years of experience in the manufacture of wide gap dies. Each die is calculated and designed in-house. Therefore, we are enormously flexible and can adapt them to any customer requirement.

In our portfolio we have:

  • internal / external deckled dies
  • with / without automatic die
  • with / without restrictor bar

Single-screw extrusion with direct drive and high-performance energy control means significant energy-saving options.Proven single-screw solutions also mean:

  • Small number of rotating parts
  • Low friction, abrasion and wear
  • Low shearing stress on parts and materials
  • Gentle material melting process
  • High IV retention
  • Low energy consumption

Other components from diamat

Material handling

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Crystallization and drying

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We count on the single-screw extrusion technology. With our long-developed and unique feed zone, up to 100% recycled plastic can be processed. Read More

Calendering and polishing

Our smoothing units are characterised by a solid/robust construction. With a simple pneumatic gap adjustment, film thicknesses from 100µm to 2500µm are no problem as standard. Read More


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Cutting unit

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Winding systems

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